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The tank I want


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Have you spoken to them about the price??

Looks like its at pet stock. If so ive always found them to be quite 'MOVABLE' on prices.

Especially if it was $1500.

If it was $1500 once they will have a price margin they can work too.

They dont like having $1500-$2000 worth of stock just sitting around not selling. Its alot of money doing nothing.

Not to mention they usually have contract deals with some companies, which when run out can be taken over by other companies. Which is when they wil have a big sale on certain brands to clear the stock to make way for rhe new brand.

My local petstock did this a few months ago with Aqua One. So they dumped all the other brands el cheap.

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I might do that, I want to ask about their contract deal anyway. Though at the moment all this is just wishful thinking, since I'm still paying off a $1100 loan for Charlie's surgery :P

I'm the same, so much wishful thinking! It's nice to dream though! (And much kinder on the wallet than actually following through! :rofl

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