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So far so good

Mr. Hyde

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Just bought this new brand of food for my problem fish that ends up floating regardless of what I feed.

So far, no issue ...knock on wood.

The brand is called North Fin , and the food I am using is the veggie line.

Seems to be working.

Not sure if it's okay to post, but this is the website for the company;


Realize it's a Canadian product, and not sure of availability, but thought I'd mention anyway.

I guess I'll mix it up with some sort of protein a few times during the week and take it from there.

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Great to hear it's working so far. :)

What made you try this brand? I'm interested to know how you stumbled across it.

Hey Dan.

I was at a pond shop, and the owner of the place suggested it.

She and her customers' fish seem to like it a lot.

She has some pretty cool fish and bonsai trees there.

The bag wasn't too pricey (8 dollars), so I gave it a shot and they seems to being doing well.

I still think I need to figure out portion control for them...I tend to give too much at one time.


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