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omg I have fry ;)


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Happy Halloween :)

So I still have 5 fry :) they are growing well so far :) just finished week 3 of prazi pro :) the smallest guy has been seen rolling but rights himself ok so far so I'm keeping an eye on him ;) the 3 larger fatties are just so darn cute!!!

smallest of the fry





group shot ;)


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due to my extra unplanned fish ;)

I have decided to re home my last fish Feisty,as he has the longer body shape and I was hoping to have a pond in the spring, I'm a little short on space atm so I found him a wonderful home with a really nice woman who is also interested in any fry that need a home when they are ready :)

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I've avoided threads on breeding and fry. Figured I have no interest in breeding there's no reason for it. But then realized you can't always help it. This being the first thread on fry all I can say is how cool to find little babies and watch them grow up!

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