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Finally found my fish family :)


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Welp, today I took home my missing pieces to my tank: two new fish! ;D

I've now got one Oranda, one Pearlscale, and one Ryukin. They're called Krang, Petrie, and Björn Stevenson. :teehee

I can't wait to watch them grow! All three are only an inch or so (and only 6-9g! Itty bitties!)






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What three little cuties you have. Congratulations on them. You are going to have so much fun seeing them grow.

Tithra has a thread going on welcoming everyone to post our fish size, and grams. I think she was even looking for more smaller fish to post. :) (I believe you can find her thread in the general section or it's probably on this first page or the second page of "view new content".) It's fun to compare others fish size to ours.

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