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Adorable New Baby Ranchu


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So a few days ago I decided to go to a small, local fish store I had heard about to check if they sold prazipro, so I could save on shipping and FINALLY use it on my goldies (since I got them before I knew about koko's or the QT process... :doh11: )

Anyway, I got the Prazipro at a great price, and I also came across this little darling. I named her Penny. I just couldn't resist, and now they are all getting the proper treatment that new fish should get!! :thumb:

(I really wish I had a better camera than the one on my iphone... oh well. :wall )IMG_6613_zpsec9fdbe8.jpgIMG_6615_zps034506cd.jpg


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Interesting color pattern would he not be a try color? Just asking.

I like the last pic. He looks like is is looking at the rock trying to figure out what it is.

Edit: HER not him sorry.

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