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some pics of my second batch of fry


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Well first things first I need to get them to survive and grow. Then I need to worry about where to put them lol.

But I have a few ponds almost finished so I'm planning on moving some fish out into them and then put the fry into the empty tanks to grow a bit then move some into a pond.

My first batch are growing quire quick. But im also losing one every so often :( not the small ones either. The biggest ones dunno why.... water tests are all good. And they must be eating if theyre the biggest ones in the tank. Got me beat atm.

Fingers crossed these ones will be better.

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Once again its Allen and Steve (or Alana and Steve lol)

My red and white telescope butterfly tails.

This lot of fry is their fourth spawning (I missed two spawns and they ate the eggs)

She looks like she is getting ready to spawn again...

Not sure how many times she will?

My pond fish have been showing all the signs that theyve been spawning again too sooooo....

But these two are the only ones spawning in my tanks (atm.. lol my pandas and ranchu's are too young atm)

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Although I cant take the credit for their work lol.

The pics dont really show the true story (full tub) but you can get the gist of how many fry are in the tub.

They are everywhere.

Im hoping be able to remove the spawning mops this weekend and replace them with some floating plant like parrots feather so they have something to graze on and "hide in"

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Lol and thats only batch #2......... lol

I had another spawn this morning and still have some from the first batch...

I just saw that. My goodness!

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