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Goodbye, Vir


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Vir was a good little betta, such a fighter up till the end. He has been so sensitive since I got him, and has been kind of on an up and down rollercoaster of health for all of the many months I've had him. After his second, really aggressive battle with finrot, he couldn't take it anymore. For a week, I've been treating him and keeping the water pristine, but to no avail. He lost all energy, stopped eating, and just sat in his hiding spot all the time. Didn't even go up for air more than once or twice a day that I could see.

So I put him to sleep with clove oil and sent him to the great pond in the sky. It was a very hard decision and I'm still pretty broken up right now, I'm surprised I can even write this coherantly.

Goodbye little buddy, you were the best. I'll bury you in the garden when I can stop crying.



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Thanks guys ;~; My boyfriend helped me bury him behind the bush in the garden, we buried him with his leaf hammock because I don't think i could bear keeping another betta for a very long time. And he always loved that hammock a lot.

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