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Pond babies!


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So I tell myself that I'm only going to keep one fry to develop from this batch. I was going to go with the twin tailed watonai prospect but it doesn't seem to be developing well so now I have my eye on a chunky shrt bodied single tail that has the potential for a tomasabo.

The goal is to have the babies set up on two weeks at my boyfriends. I won't have them for much longer. :)

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Update time!

I've narrowed down my stock size to 7 babies. 2 are potential keepers, 3 are to grow out, and 2 are microbabies. :heart

One of the potential keepers :wub


Group shot (that is not a giant spider in my window, it's an old gnarly aloe vera)


Micro babies!! :D


Thanks for looking all! :)

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