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Just some new pics

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Hey all I wanted my fish to stop uprooting my plants so I ordered another mag of caribsea moonlight to my tank last week when I did my w/c :) I also re attached my anubias to river stones in case they need a good scrubbing which they do from time to time ;)

we'll start with my biggest telescope Rusty with link :)


Link digging in the sand ;)






Little Feisty



Synchronized swimming ;)


Thanks for looking :)

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Those are great photos, Shell! They totally remind me of pictures you would see in books from the 60's; there's something about the lighting and the sand and your plants. Very cool. Max is an amazing fish. Thanks for sharing. :)

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It's a sand party! Your tank looks fabulous! And the plants are very pretty and green! I'm a sucker for calicos! Feisty is my pick :heart

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It looks great Shell!!!! How do you not get sand in your filters though with the intake so low?

I push the sand away from under the filter intakes ;) I still get a little in there once in a while I give the filter a quick spray with my sprayer at my sink every other week or so but it has never given me any trouble

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