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If Jackson Pollock had Gold Fish :) (PIC by PIC)


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Who say's Gold Fish don't love FINE ART :)

Here's how to create a Fine Art Background for your Aquarium!


I bought these bottles of "FolkART" Acrylic paint bottles at my local Walmart.

They are fairly cheap around 2 dollars or so per bottle. There are several options!!

I used the Metallic ones :)


So basically your going to want to lay your tank on its side so that the back of your tank is facing you! Than your going to choose a bottle of paint and hold it upside down at a 45 degree angle. While lightly squeezing the paint out move the bottle in swirly motions across the out side surface of your tank. (DO NOT PAINT THE INSIDE of your tank. Only the outside). If your using multiple colors like I did than dont go too crazy with one color.. Continue to chose different colors and use the same method as the first. ALSO be careful not to squeeze the paint out too thickly in one spot because the paint will run and mix with the others and it takes longer to dry!!!

Once you have all your swirly's finished it should look something like this :)


You can also be creative and do spatter marks!

If you need more inspiration or ideas google images "Jackson Pollock Art"

(Make sure you also paint over surfaces that you don't mind getting paint on.. I used a LARGE piece of cardboard to protect my flooring.)

Next your going to want to wait a day or two to let the paint dry. Depending on how thick the paint is on your glass it can take a while! And even once the paint is fairly dry do your best to NOT touch or scrap the paint as it will scrap off like butter >...<!!!!!

So once its dry carefully transport your tank out doors or maybe inside a garage so you can spray paint the final detail. Right now all your going to have is the crazy swirly paint marks but the space in between is going to be clear. You can leave it clear if you want or you can add a solid background with spray paint like I did.

If your adding the back ground carefully tape off any parts of the tank that you don't one painted and make sure the opening of your tank is covered with plastic or cardboard... you don't want toxic vapors inside!!!

You can buy spray paint pretty cheap at walmart... like seriously I only spent a dollar on one can. You have to be 18 to buy the paint though so if your not have a parent help you. Also make sure to provide PROPER ventilation so if your in a garage OPEN THE GARAGE DOOR.


105b106b-998f-4338-b03d-eb0fec863ffc_zps my Dog Dez got Curious! :)

20130822_133630_zps166c7e39.jpg ALL DONE! Not let dry!

20130825_002150_zps7e98dfeb.jpg AND TADAAAA!!!!

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Awesome idea!!!

Even awesomer dog!!!!! Soooo handsome :D

Thanks! His name is Dez after dez bryant on the cowboys foot ball team. He's a red nose pitt bull and I love him go death!

Different, unique, cool, and stands out. I love it. I'm looking forward to seeing water, fish, and decorations in the tank now. Great job. :)

very pretty! congratulations on your paster piece! thank you for sharing your talent :)

That is so cool! And your dog is adorable :P Will you update with pictures after fish are added?

Thanks guys! Yes I shall update photos one my goldy is bought. But it may be a while.. my tank hss been 2 weeks into my cycle and no nitrites yet ha >_<! So far all I got in right now is river rocks.

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