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Bubble Eye & Butterfly Update

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It's been six months now since I acquired Hula (bubble eye) and Astro (calico butterfly), and they're growing like weeds. I adore them both, particularly Hula. His googly, wobbly swimming is a constant crack-up, and his bubbles have grown ridiculously large. I've never kept a bubble eye before, and once I got over the constant paranoia that his bubbles were going to pop and deflate, he's been nothing but enjoyment. I have to confess, I've developed a tremendous soft spot for bubble eyes now. In fact, I think that my future goldfish tanks will have to include at least one of these guys, and I'd even like to do an all-bubble eye aquarium at some point!

Here's Hula, being all bubbly:


Astro's turn at a closeup:


The googly bubble eye swimming style:


I like this one because it shows Astro's coloring well. He's a mostly-blue calico, but his orange spots on his right side are vivid and bright. You can also see his stripey butterfly tail here.


I call this "Derp and Derpier":


I don't think I'll ever be without a bubble eye again -- they really do rock.

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Aww yay an update!! They are looking so good!! I love the bubbles!! And the coloring on the butterfly! :D Beautiful fishies!

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Wonderful photos :) Thanks for sharing!

Your bubble eye reminds me of a Bassett hound Lol. And your tele has great marking! :heart

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