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My goldfish


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First of all, Ariana knocked a bigger rock over many many months back,(It scraped her side) which is why she has white scales on her side. Yes it scraped her pretty bad, but i nursed her back to health. So she's alright! In fact, i could hardly get a decent picture of any of my goldfish because they were all swimming so fast! so sorry for the bad quality.

418b58b0-a075-45e8-9584-2600704cc761.jpgThis is Sheila when i found her at Petsmart.



^^ Ariana (Both pics)


Sheila and Ariana (IHop on the left)

I cant find any good pictures of IHop at the moment :I

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Both Adorable :) I always wanted a Calico Oranda. I'm jelly !

Thank you! I remember seeing her one week and going "wow! Gorgeous!" Then i flipped out at the price haha. But of course i came back as soon as i could to get her out of that lonely tank and introduce her to her new family!

You have very pretty goldfish! :)

Thank you!!! <3
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Aw they're cuties. I'm glad she's ok after her accident

Thank you! And oh my gosh! Me too! I was so scared that i slept downstairs next to the pond for three nights straight! i'm so blessed to have my lil fishy babies :)
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