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fry photos


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I'm not sure how old they are. I believe theyre from three different spawnings but they could be from two. The biggest one is the oldest and I've lost track of how old it is






Once again photobucket kills photos. They looked good until I uploaded them. Oh and they're in a quarter cup measuring cup for reference!

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They actually showed up on here a lot better than how they looked when I was looking at them on photobucket. Their parents are fantails. The ones in my avatar photo. I think that both the ladies may be the moms and they have the same dad. He chases both girls and they both regularly lay eggs. Sometimes both in the same day. He's a busy boy. The lighter colored small one is buttons it has two button eyes and I think it may turn out to be a calico (:

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I have six more that just hatched yesterday I'm hoping one of those ends up with a single tail. When I had a ton of fry before I lost them there were about a quarter of them that had single tails and I want to see what one of them would look like so badly lol fins crossed

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Look at their fancy tails! :D


The bigger ones tail is especially fancy :)

look at the little baby goldfish :-) can't wait to see what they look like when they get a little older

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i cant wait either!

Awww!! They're so cute!!!

Congrats and good luck with your babies! :D

thank you!

Cuties! :wub:

They really are!

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