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Floating, Raggy Fins


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Shaun is a lot more active after the first round of Prazi. I was trying to catch him to take him out for the water change (I normally take him out even when doing a small change because he always TOTALLY freaks out as soon as I start changing the water with him in the tank) and it took me about 5 minutes whereas before I could just put the container in and scoop him right up! He was very feisty today and didn't even want to get out of his container back into the tank!

I was worried before the change as he was just sitting up top of the tank, but as soon as I started the change routine he was off!

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Ok, so Shaun had been looking much brighter, and more active, and was even more eager to eat his new Hikari pellets. But when I changed his water today, I decided to take some photos. His fins are looking much better and his colours much brighter, he is still really skinny, but I'm hoping the new food will help with that.

But ANYWAY. What I was getting too. The big lump behind his gills. I can't notice it from the front and he doesn't look swollen or pine coned from above. But it looks really strange from the side. Is it because he had not long eaten or something to worry about?


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