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Cyst or bacterial infection?


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I'm sorry, Krystal! We are rooting for both of them!

A good filter rinsing is very good idea. Do you use carbon by any chance?

No I don't... :(

I think I should get new hoses for the canister, just noticed there seems to be some kind of sludge looking thing growing on them!

The brown sludge in canister hoses is not atypical, and not necessarily a bad thing. I try to clean out my tubing about every 3 mos. others wait to do this until they feel its impacting the water flow. I personally think regular cleaning is a good idea.

Like Tammy said you can pick up brushes cheap at any fish store. I have a little thing called a mag fox that drs foster and smith online sells, it works great for longer tubing that a brush can't get to (I did a review on it in the reviews section of the forum awhile ago if you want to take a look)

What else is in your tank? Any ornaments? Wood? Gravel? (If so how deep) etc.

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