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Butterfly Telescope Fry!


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Sorry to hear about the fungus but hopefully you get some more cuties still!! :D

Thanks! I picked out all the fungus-y eggs last night and the leftover eggs (about 10) hatched this morning :D


I use the macro setting and they still don't come out too great and then once photobucket gets a hold of them they get worse

Have you tried using direct sunlight or shining a really bright flashlight/desk lamp onto the fry? Since the fry are so small, I use as much lighting as I can get :o

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I am so excited to see what happens! What an adventure! I have two potential adoptive parents at work when you get there!

You guys work together? That's so cool!

Lol no we don't but Bubbles posted here with some beautiful fish photos from her pond and then I was surfing craigslist and she had posted about selling them with the same photos and I just couldn't resist! They are the healthiest fish and have awesome personalities which speak to her fish keeping skills. I have recruited a few co workers into my goldfish obsession which is nice because I can give away some of my fish tanks to people who will put them to good use. I'm like a drug pusher too since I bring everyone samples of new gold fish food I buy in little baggies for my friends!

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This little guy is amazing. The leaf he is on was floating at the top of the tank and i collected with a few others to toss away. All of a sudden in the corner of my eye, I saw something move. He was wiggling inside the egg! If he didn't catch my eye, the little thing would be dried up in the waste basket by now :o

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They are getting so big!

Look at all the yummies in their bellies! :rofl

Yeah, they're growing so fast! They'll be one month old soon. Time flies by real quick :D

They're at the point where they're able to eat every single bbs I put in the tank so I gotta watch how much I put in :P

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