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Difference in PH -main tank and QT


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Hi guys

Putting my oranda into QT tonight the QT has been salted at 0.1% - the PH readings on my API test kit

Main tank is approx 7 PH

and QT is approx 8 PH

Was wondering if this difference in PH will upset my fish?


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Did you test with both the high and low pH test kits?

Good Point. I would do this first to determine if the QT pH is indeed 8 and not higher. In general, though, it is okay to go from a lower pH to a higher one. It's going from high to low that can be more of a problem. You can acclimate the fish by floating their container in the QT, gradually adding little sips of the tank water to their container. However, your range difference is pretty wide. It might be a good idea to bring the pH of the QT down a bit before adding the fish. What is the reason for the QT?

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Thanks guys all good now :)

There is a suspicious white furry spot near her eye, at first I thought it was wen growth but it is kinda oozing and is getting red underneath. I am hoping it's not a bacterial infection, I have dealt with an aggressive case b4 with my other fish so I am prepared and know what to look for.

I'm just keeping an eye on her now if things get worse I'll be posting in disease and diagnoses. Fingers crossed the salt and WCs take care of it!!

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