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What a month... (New fish, new house, saying goodbye and many other things)

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So.. wow... Where to begin?

You guys may remember Chubs the Oranda I showed you not too long ago. (For those who don't remember/didn't see the thread, here he is:


Now the poor guy managed to cut himself and I believe the culprit was found and burned with napalm shortly after. I was advised by you lovely people to watch the water params and keep the tank clean. I did everything I could short of taking him to the hospital but unfortunately my roommate called and said he had passed away. I understood that this was likely to happen because of the placement of the cut and just how severe it seemed at the time despite looking to start growing back close to the end. I do miss the guy because he really was super active and a fun little dude.

However life goes on and there is much more to talk about. I did mention roommate and that is because I have moved out from my parents (I'm a big boy now!) The tank is in place and enjoying itself in the living room for everyone to see and hell even my snail enjoys the attention (he has grown a lot btw). However that will be another story. I am posting in the fish section and I shall leave my personal life to the side.

On to the tank. I felt that this was as good of a time as any to make some changes in the tank and freshen things up a bit. I felt down and I bet Spock did as well. I am slowly taking the sand out of the tank, placed a new plant in it and will eventually work on putting some black sand in and making the tank look epic! I even found some LED strips which simulate moon light and I think this will look just amazing.

Oh yeah, here is what you all came for as I don't have any completed pictures of the new tank set up (I'm a tease). My new little fish:


He is a jet black Ranchu with a little bronzing on his belly. Looks a lot like a moor when I think about it.

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Thanks guys, they are like two peas in a pod. After being placed in the tank Spock took like a "what is this new thing in my tank?" and proceeded to back away a bit. However the new chu just burned up to him saying hi. Now they swim everywhere together, investigate the plant and poke the snail. Funniest thing I have ever seen is when they bumped the snail off the side of the tank and proceeded to panic as he hit the bottom at a snails pace.

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I'm sorry for the loss of Chubs. :( He was a beautiful fish.

Your new ones are adorable and I love the black Chu. That's a nice find.

And lastly...Congratulations for having a place of your own....roommate or not. That's pretty neat. I remember back in the day for me, moving out on my own. It is big! :) Enjoy.

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