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New (ish) 55 gallon Acrilyc set up


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Hi everyone. At last I have taken some pictures to show off my new 55 gallon tank and stand. I bought the stand from Fishtanksdirect.com and I really like it. It's a reddish wood, and matches the other furniture in our livingroom. I ordered a canopy, but didn't like it. It seemed like it would be too hard to get into the tank for feeding and cleaning with the canopy on. As it turned out, they had sent me the wrong size, so he refunded my money for it.

Anyway, on to the details. It's a 55 gallon acrylic tank that I found at the LFS for a good price. The inhabitants are Hercule the big oranda? (58 grams), Jelly the orange ranchu (19 grams), and Emma the calico ranchu (18 grams). There are also 3 White Cloud Mountain Minnows that I love to watch. They are so active and fun. Plants consist of an onion plant, several different kinds of anubias, and a colony of Java fern stuck to a rock, and a couple of fake plants to fill out the greenery.

The onion plant is in a pot. The others are glued to rocks.

I painted the bottom with a combination of black and grey textured paint. I like the barebottom look and feel like the lighter color shows up the fish well.

Sorry for the bad quality. I can't find my good camera. Anyway, I hope you enjoy the pictures.


Full tank shot


The newly organized cabinet (for a few minutes anyway)


The goldies - you can just see Emma peeking out from behind the rock on the right.


Another view of the whole tank.

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Thanks everyone. I appreciate the kind words.

Shellbell, I like the onion plants a lot - they are the only tall plants I've found that the Goldie's don't eat. It does fine in the pot with a bit of root tab and gravel with stones on top.

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Excellent! I like it without the canopy too... Looks less bulky and simpler! Cute fishies too :heart

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