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How many pellets is 2 grams of NLS?

Goldfish guy

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So I bought a scale to weigh my fish only to find out it weighed in OUNCES in GRAMS :(. I still weighed them in ounces and added up there weights in ounces, converted to grams then multiply by .01. I got my answer which was 2 grams. The problem is that the scale won't pick up things smaller than .1 ounces (2.83 grams). So how many pellets is 2 grams of 1 mm NLS Thera A+? And does frozen and repashy food count toward the 2 grams that they can eat of pellets in one day?

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The 2 grams includes all foods you would feed in one day. (pellets, repashy, veggies, etc.)

So how do I weigh/incorporate bloodworms,and brine shrimp ?

It doesn't need to be exact, just estimate ;) Now you have an idea of how much NLS is 2 grams, if you are feeding repashy and/or frozen food that day as well, just feed fewer pellets. On that thread there is also a chunk of repashy at different angles that will show you about how much a small chunk weighs. But I really wouldn't worry too much. The weights are to give you a general guideline.... I doubt many people are weighing out their food and counting it every day :P (although I'll admit I did in the beginning)

If you want to be more exact, you might look into buying a small scale that can weigh out .1grams... you can buy these at headshops/pipe stores or amazon etc. This is the one I have http://www.amazon.com/American-Weigh-Signature-AWS-100-Digital/sim/B0012LOQUQ/2 they are pretty cheap and worth having around. There is also this awesome one at tastyworms that you can use for both weighing food and your fish! http://tastyworms.com/my-weigh-i300-precision-digital-scale.html

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