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A few questions

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So I spent my last few months recovering from beginner fish keeping mistakes, and at the moment my two fancies are in a 145 litre storage box. This was a really useful box and I had no doubts about it holding the water. But now I need to move another goldie from a slightly over stocked tank (3 in a 40 gallon) to what'll probably have to be an 80l. My first question is: Are Wilko storage boxes safe? 2nd: How do I reinforce it to stop it bowing?

Then another question I have (Sorry so many questions, lol): Does anyone have experience with the AquaOne Aquis 1200 external? I was looking into one to use on an 160 litre I'll be getting at the end of the year. The other goldie'll be moved in a 55 gallon with 2 others at some point. Thanks in advance :D

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