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Babies Schmutz & Slim UPDATE

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So, in the beginning there were 3...Pirate, Schmutz & Slim from 3 respective fry batches that all hatched around the same time that I separated from their sibs and put together in their own tank to keep. Sadly, a couple weeks ago, Pirate passed on. He was fine but then started flipping onto his side. I QTed him but he went quick. Happily though, Schmutz and Slim are doing great and getting big. I thought I'd do an update on them as it will likely be the last pics before they are moved from their current tank into the new 175 that's very nearly done cycling.

Schmutz (parented by my orange fantail Edna & my calico Ryukin Pongo) @ 18 weeks old...











Slim (parented by my Lemon Oranda Lemon Drop & my peachy Shubunkin Vhagar) @ 17.5 weeks...







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I just love the coloring on that first one :) so cute :) are you going to be breeding goldfish in the future? you have raised some really awesome fry :)

it's possible. neither Edna or Lemon Drop has done the egg thing since these batches and I know there are ways to get them to do it but I was kind of trying to give them a break for a while. not to mention there were already a lot of baby fish in the house. We'll see. I'm also a bit curious to see if any of the newer ladies in the house start with the egg laying so, again, always a possibility. if it happens, it happens and if it does I'll probably raise the babies up. For now tho, no ones doing anything and I myself am enjoying the break from taking care of all the lil fins.

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Oh look at that belly on schmutz! Super pretty fish, both of them. You do such a great job with your babies!

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