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Could you tell me what I kind of gold do I have


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I think I have 1 comet and 3 commons goldfishes,could you tell me if I am right. Here some pictures of them. Dory the orange goldfish,Waffles is the white goldfish with a red dot on her head,Sadie the white goldfish,and Sally the white goldfish withe orange dot.1081862_10201652658258939_314502096_n.jp565858_10201675067259150_597923311_n.jpg1080349_10201675090019719_1923440611_n.j1085464_10201675099459955_158556014_n.jp

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Tancho colouration goldfish (I have two of these and they are common)

Common goldfish with tancho colouration (silver-white body with a red patch on the head, a colour scheme found in koi). Shown at BAS 2007.


A very large proportion of common goldfish breed true to type, which makes this fish good for beginners, but it is a difficult fish for showing because it is such a relatively simple fish (which makes it difficult to develop a strain that stands out above the ordinary); intensity of colour is the key to doing well at shows. This fish is more popular in other British goldfish societies than BAS. Young fish are very dark, if not black, and gradually develop the ornamental red (or orange, etc) colour over 1-2 years.

The common goldfish is metallic, either self-coloured or variegated. The calico version of this fish is called the London shubunkin and has the same body and fins as the common goldfish.

The common goldfish is known as the gold carp in the Far East and as the hibuna in Japan.


The common goldfish and London shubunkin standard is as follows:

  • Depth of body to be between 3/7ths and 3/8ths of body length
  • Pectoral and pelvic fins to be paired, dorsal and anal fins to be single
  • Caudal fin to be single and width of spread not greater than 1¼ body depth
  • Length of lobes of caudal fin to be no greater than 1/3rd of body length and to be slightly rounded at the ends
  • At least 25% of the body to be blue (London shubunkin only)
  • Minimum body length to be 7.5 cm (3 inches)

The fish should be bright and alert. The body should be strong and sturdy with a smooth outline. The caudal fin should be short.

Colour: Common goldfish: Metallic self-coloured (red, orange, yellow, blue, brown or black) or variegated (any combination of these colours, including silver, in a pleasing pattern similar on each side), the colours to appear as burnished metal and extending into the fins. London shubunkin: Calico only (blue background with patches of violet, red, orange, yellow and brown, spotted with black); quality fish will have high colour intensity extending into the fins.

Ideal profiles are illustrated below:

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I agree with Alex. The young comets do not have very long tails yet, but they have the strong fork with pointed tips of a comet. Their tails will elongate with age, although they probably won't get as long as Dory's. Mature comets usually have tails from 1/2 to the body length to as long as the body. Dory looks to be like the latter. Sally has rounded tips to her tail, like a typical common.

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They are beautiful! I had commets all the time when I was younger and they get beautiful fins!

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