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Hey guys!! Summer is almost up for me! I'm starting college exactly next week and I got everything ready. My big life will begin soon!

I've been really careful in taking care of my fish since my last update and they are doing splendid!!







I love the new Petco Bubble Bars!! My white oranda has gotten way bigger and is close on catching up to my orandas size.

I still having bad algae problems on my betta tank and its giving me a pain in the head, any solutions?

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You have a beautiful goldfish tank. And your fish are also beautiful.

Sorry, no help in regards to the algae in your betta tank except for giving it a good scrub. I don't have live plants so not sure about the care of them to get rid of the algae on them. Hopefully someone that knows will say.

Congratulations on starting College. This must be a very exciting time for you. Enjoy it and study hard with some play time. Balance is the key!

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Thanks guys, I'm still going to stay at home thats the great part, I'm going to College of Dupage for 2 years and than transfer to Urbana Champaign after.

I'm planning to major in Law Enforcement

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