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Let's See Those Koko's Ranchus!

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I LOVE the name Osiris!!!!!

They are all so cute! :heart

Thanks! I have an M.A. in Egyptology, so I thought it was about time I use some names from the pantheon in my tank. I also have a snail named Hathor; and there was a snail named Isis, but she passed. I also used to have three comets named Khufu, Khafre and Menkaure.

I love this thread. It's impossible to choose a favorite, but I can tell you that 'Chus are my favorite!


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Wachu lookin at?!


:heart the kink in his tail!


Very cute! I actually saw a very similar looking 'chu at my lfs when I went for supplies yesterday, no tail kink though.

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My two baby ranchus:


Sadly they only had one eye between them, so I gave them back to the shop again. Sadly don't have room (yet) for blind fish in my tanks. So now I waiting on some new ranchus to arrive - ordered two black (like these only bigger) and two red!

They better get here soon!

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This is Randy, only small, but big on personality!


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