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How to feed telescopes?


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When your telescopes do catch on with the food it should be all gone in a matter of minutes.

I have a tank with Oranda's and the food is gone in a minute, maybe two minutes. They are fast eaters. I have another tank with one telescope and one pearlscale. My pearlscale seems to know where to go in the tank when she see's me. (she goes to the front right side) I wait for my slow poke telescope :) to catch up and go in that corner. I then drop the sinking pellets and they fall on both of them. ha ha

It takes them both longer to eat their food then in my Oranda tank. The food is usually gone in about 5 mintues for the tele and pearlscale. I always sit and watch them eat because my moor is the slowest. I want to make sure he gets his share. They all make me smile. :)

Just give your fish some time. They will catch on soon enough.

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