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Comet Ill?

Guest Bubbles76

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Guest Bubbles76


I've started my fish hobby again. I first keep fish when I was 10, and now I've started back up again. So I may be rusty on a few topics. Well let me get to the point.

I bought my dad a small tank 3 gallon, and bought 3 (1 inch) comets (2 gold, 1 silver). I set it up and they seemed to be fine for 3 weeks. I tested the water 2 times a week. Everything was fine testing wise.

Well dad wanted to add more on his own. So he bought 2 more (1 gold/black spotted comet, and a black mollie). After a day, my dad noticed a white spot on the comets upper lip. The 2nd day the fish the a little white mustache. By the 3rd day, he died. My dad informed me and I went out to the store and bought Jungle's Fungus Clear. The next day he noticed the silver comet that I bought 3 weeks ago, sitting at the bottom with clamped fins and not swimming unless it wanted to eat. Then it died after a few days. Then the next day another comet with the same signs died.


Now, he only has 2 fish (1 comet from the 1st batch, and the black mollies). The comet is showing clamped fin signs and sitting at the bottom. For 3 days he didn't eat. It sometimes floats at the top and eats the bubbles. He also eats his flake food and then spits it out again. I've tested the water and everything is normal. (pH 6.8, Nitri. 0, Amm. 0) I've done the partial water change too!

I've even went out and bought a 10 gallon tank 2 days ago, thinking maybe it's too small, not enough air or filtering. I set it up 2 days ago, and there are no fish in it, I'm trying to cycle, I will add the mollie in a few day alone and let the tank cycle with one fish. Can someone tell me if this is the correct way or what I can do to improve the situation?? I heard my comet could be unhappy with the mollie, could that be it?? :ill


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Bubbles, one thing comes to mind when reading your post - how old are those test kits? Its almost impossible to have those readings with that many fish in such a small space.

Goldfish are VERY messy fish, so much more than the tiny little tropicals, and produce enormous amounts of waste, which converts into ammonia, nitrites and nitrates, with the first 2 being extremely toxic and deadly to the fish.

Clamped fins, bottom sitting and refusing to eat after a while are all tell tale signs that something is wrong with the water. Here is a link that helps you understand the basic needs of a goldfish, even a small one...


Here is also some help in the understanding of how the cycling process works and how much time it takes to properly cycle a tank. With an overcrowded tank the cycling process will take even longer...


Over 90% of problems with goldfish can be completely prevented by providing them with adequate housing and enough space with the proper filtration. 5 fish need a tank of at least 55 gl, comets even more, since they grow so much larger than other goldfish. With a small tank it will be nearly impossible to keep the water readings perfect, and the daily water changes are a big time consuming thing on your part. With a bigger tank, maintenance can be reduced so much, and the health and immune system of your fish will be so strong that hardly ever anything negative will pop up.... :)

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