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Free/For Trade Large Mopani Driftwood


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Hi All!

I have a large piece of Mopani Driftwood up for grabs if anyone wants it!

It is too big for my 55 gallon, plus I have very soft water here so I am not daring enough to even try to use it!

I bought it new at my LFS in Washington DC for about $40 (I believe). It has never been in my actual tank, but I did have it soaking in dechlorinated water in a plastic tub for a couple weeks. You should probably still boil it to release the tannins and disinfect it/soak it in dechlorinated water.

Approximate dimensions are 13" x 12" x 6".

PM me if you are interested! I would love to trade it for anything/something of comparable value (I love Anubias/Java Fern hint hint! :pp )....but really just looking to get rid of it in the end! Pictures posted below!



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Seriously?! No one is interested in a FREE or FOR TRADE really really nice....NEVER been in an occupied fish tank...legitimate piece of Mopani Driftwood straight from my LFS in Wasington DC?!

Maybe the pictures I took before were total rubbish...

Here are some better angles so you can see it better! (Please pardon the mess...we just moved in recently...not that that's an excuse! hehe)







If not trading, I'd appreciate it if you would pay shipping (I already wasted $40+ on this puppy haha)...if you want to trade for it...we can each pay the cost of the shipping to send the trade (then there is no worry about sending payment being scammed etc etc).

I also have just opened (July 25th or so) the following from Goldfishconnection.com:

(1) Slow Sinking Shrimp Pellets

(2) Algae Wafers

(3) ProGold

(4) Freeze Dried Krill

My fish will never finish it all before it expires...so I can throw some of this in the box for free as well if you're interested! Or if you are just in dire need and/or have never tried Goldfish connection food... I am happy to send some samples out for some good ol' Karma Points :D

(I LOVE LOVE LOVE the slow sinking shrimp pellets-and so do my fish! Highly reccommend!)

I am very open to any trade(s) too! If you have aquarium things just laying around that you would like to get rid of and want a beautiful piece of driftwood! Here's your chance!!!

I am not looking for anything in particular and am open to all trades...but I would love love love any of the following if you happen to have an extra around:

(1) Spare Filter (preferably an Aquaclear)

(2) Unused Crushed Coral/Aragonite Gravel (for my filter)

(3) Anubias and/or Java Fern

(4) Small supply for 3 goldfish of MetroMeds, Jump Start, and/or MediGold (recently opened) to have on hand in case of emergency

If you want to trade (to avoid paying me shipping costs)...it doesn't have to be monetarily equivalent! Just thought it might be fun!

Thanks for checking it out!

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Hi :) I'm interested in trading. I have opened bags of medigold and metro med and I wouldn't mind sending some of that in case of emergencies.

If they are legal in your state I could send you a couple mystery snail babies too, I have blue and wild striped brown.

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Hi! Thanks for the interest! But I already agreed to trade with someone else! But thank you for the offer!

I would love snails, but unfortunately, my water is too soft to keep them! (BAH!)

But I would be happy to trade food with you if you want to try out goldfishconnections other food?



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