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Not showing interest :/


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Hey all!

So what I suspect is my male ranchu is not showing any interest in breeding dispite the fact that he has his breeding stars? Is there any way to speed up the process besides hand spawning?

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Hand spawning does not speed up the process. Hand spawning is ONLY done when the fish has already started laying eggs and I never handspawn a fish if it is their first spawn. There are a couple things that affect breeding conditions.

How old are your fish?

How many confirmed males and females do you have? For example I have a female ryukin with breeding stars but I know she is female because she lays eggs.

What/how often do you feed them?

How large and how frequent do you do water changes?

How big is your tank and how many fish are in it?

All of these things affect breeding behavior. If you take the time to answer my questions I can give you some pointers on what to do to help get it started up. I just wanted to let you know that to take on breeding you need to have the space ready for the fry and the proper supplies.

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