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How does this menu look?

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I decided to put together a weekly menu that gives John and Paul a little more variety than just pellets. How does this look?

The fish are 4 grams each, and the measurements are the total amount, not per fish. For the seaweed I put a strip that's 2x1 in the clip and leave it for ten or fifteen minutes, or at least that's what I did today.

MondayAM: 6 pellets

Monday noon: Seaweed

MondayPM: 6 bloodworms

TuesdayAM: 6 pellets

Tuesday noon: 6 pellets
TuesdayPM: 2 peas

WednesdayAM: 6 pellets

Wednesday noon: Seaweed

WednesdayPM: 6 bloodworms

ThursdayAM: 6 pellets

Thursday noon: 6 pellets

ThursdayPM: 2 peas

FridayAM: 6 pellets

Friday noon: Seaweed

FridayPM: 6 bloodworms

SaturdayAM: 6 pellets
Saturday noon: 6 pellets

SaturdayPM: 2 peas

SundayAM: 6 pellets

Sunday noon: Seaweed

SundayPM: 6 bloodworms

They're getting their first serving of bloodworms tonight. I'll try to get a video of their reactions!

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The schedule looks good. Here are some suggestions :)

- for pellets, put in enough in the tank so that they gobble it all up within 3-4 minutes each time

- for blood worms, a third of a cube between the two of them. This will need to increase as they grow.

- only one pea, or even half a pea each at any one time.

- floating pellets are not preferred, as it can encourage surface gulping. I would recommend the New Life Spectrum (thera-A) 1mm size. NLS Goldfish 1mm is OK too. :)

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Personally, I am not a fan of soaking the food, unless I really have to. As for the floating food, it's also super troublesome to have to soak and then squeeze air out. You also lose nutrients as you soak.

I find that it's just easier to get a quality sinking pellet to start. :)

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I soak mine, and I feel my goldfish digest it easier. I have seen no proof that nutrients are losses in the process of soaking.

You don't have to press the air out of them if you soak them


I have some reading for you




Soaking is not a good thing to do. The longer you soak, the more you waste. :)

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Ok, but soaking for 30 seconds to a minute is not bad. I still keep my word that soaking is not bad.

Well, you saw from two independent sources who have no vested interest in whether you soak or not, and both have concluded that it's not useful.

If you think about it, good food should not require you to do the extra steps.

Also, as Jared pointed out the other day very eloquently, once you find the right food, there is no need to even consider soaking.

Having said that, I doubt that a 30 second soak will ruin the food entirely.

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The other thing that we have discussed recently is that the smaller "sinking" pellets are less problematic with regards to swelling inside the fishes guts. So, rather than soaking food, perhaps try a small pellet. Believe me, they will be able to find it as long as you are using an appropriate substrate(such as sand or scattered river rocks) or have a bare bottom tank. I recommend Hikari Lionhead sinking pellets, NLS 1mm pellets and Omega One small sinking pellets. The other problem with soaking is that it causes the food to crumble and fouls your tank.

I just have one recommendation for floating pellets in goldfish aquariums: :thumbdown


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How can I generate some interest in the bloodworms? They each only took one and didn't come back for more...

I put mine in a cone feeder. Check out this video:


What a cleaning crew! I am in love with your calico!

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