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I was staring at my tank today when it hit me how much my plants have grown since I planted them.

This picture was taken on May 17th of this year:


This picture was taken this week:


I dose Fluorish, root tabs, and have a DIY CO2 system running.

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Wow! You can obviously see growth!! Nice job bubbles!! :)

Thank you, katie :)

looks great well done! Your goldies have grown alot too :)

Thank you :) Yeah, I see now that they're barely noticeable in the first picture haha

They most definitely grew! :rofl

Yeah :P The after picture makes the before picture look.... slightly pathetic :whistle

Oh wow! Really wonderful growth for both fishes and plants!

Thank you :D

WOW :) that's some nice growth in your plants :) and the fish as well ;)

I love your tank design :)

Sadly my Rusty and Co destroyed my amazon swords from day one :(

Thanks! :)

:o Your goldies must be really strong

That's great growth! :) Everything looks so healthy!

The fish look beautiful, too. :)

Thank you :D

Well it looks like you're taking good care of your plants! I love when I see growth in my plants- they're just as special to me as my fish. :)

Thanks :) I know what you mean :D

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