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Pointy faced vs foreheaded

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These are a few (blurry) photos of my 2 month-old goldfish fry. They are starting to get some sort of olivey colour on them and there are a couple of 'forms' that Im noticing.... the sort of 'pointy face' type, which looks more like the adult shape, and another that seems to have a bit of a forehead/flatter face (almost like they are wearing a little hat).

I'll see if these photos work...

First is the pointy type...




Now the blunted, foreheaded type...


These are the descendents of a female orange common and a male yellow common. I had what I assume to be a large number die off from being generally mis-shapen, maybe 50%. I thought maybe it was because it was their first ever spawn. Hopefully they can keep these shapes to adulthood.

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Most fry do not die off from a deformity. They die off due to their extreme sensitivity to poor water and susceptibility to parasitic infection and subsequent bacterial infections.

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