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Baby betta


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So as some of you already know I bought a baby betta yesterday. Judging by the length of the ventrals it is most likely a male, and a double tail at that! They're my favorite kind and it's been a few years since I've had one. I'm going to chart his growth both on this topic and on my tumblr so everyone can see! He's got a good appetite and is eating NLS pellets like there's no tomorrow. Any name suggestions?



Look at those blue eyes!!


He's completely seem through at this point, no clue if he'll stay that way or gain color. Guess we'll see!

Also Moe says hi as well.


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yay update!






Making them tiny houses was a complete success and the little guy keeps scooting in and out of his. He also has blue iridescence appearing on his anal fin. The small kink in his spine does not impede swimming or maneuvering in any way and he zips around the tank with the shrimp.

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You said you were going to go do this and you did :)

So do they gain color as they get older then?

He is really adorable.

Some do! It I had to guess at this stage I'd say he might go marble but its just a guess. He could stay cellophane with blue iridescence.
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SO excited to see this post!!!!! I have been raising my baby betta since October 2012. He was a double tail too! He started off as a little brown spec, but know he's about the size of a quarter, deep blue and BEAUTIFUL.

Here's a pic of "Bibbit" when I first got him. (October, on the left) And on the right was him in March (he's about the size of a penny here, he's now quarter sized and his fins are massive)


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He was that iridescent blue that yours is when he was tiny tiny. Maybe you'll get a blue and teal one with white! I can't wait to see him in a few months. That's funny that you say that, because that was my problem too! My apartment wouldn't allow anything over 20 gal, so I had a 20 g tropical tank and FIVE betta tanks. Now I'm in a new place that doesn't care....so I have 8 tanks... no judgement...

But do you have a name for your little guy yet?

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