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The 40g is up! long and pic heavy!

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So this is the tank John and Paul were in when I got up this morning:


I left around 10:30 to drive up to ChelseaM's and get the 40g. She and her mom were super helpful. I had gotten measurements for my trunk and the stand would have fit, if it wasn't at an angle when we started to slide it in. Curse you, physics! Here's the new tank taking up most of my back seat:


Driving home with an empty tank is much easier than driving home with a tank with water and fish in it. Not doing that again, if it can be avoided! So when I got home I gave everything a good scrub down with water and vinegar and then rinsed everything. They got left on the deck to dry while I went to the store for some last minute supplies (and to look at the birds... <3)


One of the macaws started playing a game with me. He'd bob his head, I'd bob my head, then he'd say 'hi' and I'd say 'hi'. Fun! A bird is definitely up there on the list of companion animals I'd like to bring home. I also got some frozen bloodworms to start feeding.


When I got home I used the Python for the first time. An adventure. The kitchen sink doesn't have the right kind of hookup so I have to use the bathroom sink, which the hosing baaaaarely stretches to. My stepdad was around to help get everything hooked up, which was lucky for me. Then when I started draining the 10g (this was after John and Paul were in a bucket, of course), the sink started flooding! Dale came up with the idea of hooking up the Python garden hose and letting the water flow off the deck. Worked like a charm! So we got the tank drained and put the 40g in it's place. We decided to keep using the cabinet for now, which is hardwood and should hold the weight fine. The stand I'll keep for when I move out.


Couldn't resist checking on the boys...


I got all of the decorations rinsed off and placed in the new tank, along with the filter and bubble wand set up (there's not a laundry basket decoration in the tank, I just couldn't get a good picture without reflection):


I got the tank filled most of the way and treated with Seachem, Prazi, and salt The water isn't actually green (freaked me out for a second!), it's the color of the tablecloth reflecting into the water. I might get a thin layer of pebbles or some other substrate just to get rid of that. Not a fan.


At first we had some trouble with the filter, but it turned out the tank wasn't full enough. D'oh! Added more water and got it running beautifully.


Then got the boys acclimated. It was so funny to see them propelling their baggies around trying to explore.


They're in there now exploring! I'm trying not to hover too much and just let them get used to it, but I DID get a video of them that I'll post shortly.

Thanks everyone for all of your help with my questions! I love the new tank and I think they do too!

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I was so excited to see this when I got home tonight! I'm glad everything got working for you, and that the guys love their new home. :)

Filling the tank up all the way will help save the filter, too. You'd be surprised at the evaporation such a large surface area can give. If the water line gets below that first connection, you know what happens. :rofl

And no need to fast them unless you see any stress. :)

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Looks like they'll find their food! :rofl

Definitely foraging behavior. If it still bothers you not having substrate after awhile, a layer of sand 1/4" thick would be fun for them to nose around in and wouldn't give you any issues later with getting stuck in their mouths like gravel might. :)

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Your tank looks great and so do your fish. :) They are going to love all that extra room to swim and explore.

That must have been neat to meet someone else from Koko's. :)

I love your porch view. Beautiful.

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Yay it looks great! :D I second the notion of a thin layer of sand on the bottom, if you're set on getting substrate. I prefer the bare bottom look myself, but hey everyone's different!

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