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Surprise Surprise ;)

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Long story short I was on the look for a calico tele since May ...Beginning of June in another town about 50 miles from home I found # 1...he didn't last a day :( I didn't even get a pic,he was a dark calico with a lot of black reminded me of Hidr's Prazi

then a week or so later I went back for a replacement and got # two ...here he is floating in the big tank while I ready the qt again...


I really loved this little guy, but alas he only survived about a week :(

Then on June 15th my hubby's birthday we went across the river for dinner and I decided to try a different pet shop

and I watched the tele tank for a good 15-20 minutes and found # 3

He is mostly white and was really super active in the tank and when the fish person tried to net him up he was super crafty and fast and she called him a feisty little guy (hence the name)

All 3 fish came from pet smart shops ;)

my qt is a 20 gallon blue tub so he was super hard to see and impossible to get a pic of,and because of the two prior losses I didn't want to jinx myself until he passed qt which was salt for a week slowly risen, followed by 3 weeks of prazi pro ...and he's a longer bodied Tele which I don't often prefer but he was just to cute to pass on, and hubby told me it was my last chance!!! it was now or never ;)

So Here's my little Feisty addition :) I know this makes me over stocked , but I am religious if not fanatical with my water changes ;)

Also hubby said if work picks up next year we are getting a POND!!! I already have it picked out at lowes it's 125-150 gallon pre maid but I am so excited Hubby even seemed interested ;) lol

So onto the pics :)










Oh yeah I also got a new piece of drift wood and some java fern to attach later ;)

Thanks for looking :)

So Jeana please don't give up!!! ;)

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Dawww! He's a sweet fella! I wish u the best of luck with #3. I'm sorry about the losses of the first 2.

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Super cute. Best of luck with him.

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oh wow! what a cute little guy :wub:

i am sorry the other two passed on :( i hope this little guy will keep strong for you :) and yeah, a pond would be super awesome :D


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I'm sorry for the loss of your other two new fish prior to this little cutie.

I like your first photo. Big difference in size with little Feisty floating in her Petsmart bag. :)

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