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Fry pics! :)


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I see fry swarming the plant net, and sometimes I see them blowing around the tank. They seem to do okay, because the tank is fairly heavily planted, even if it is with mostly slow growing plants. They still block the current! ;) I don't know how many will grow into fully grown goldfish, but I guess we'll see!

Here's some pics of the three big guys. I'm keeping them in a dip 'n pour container, just so I can watch them grow and develop. They're doing well, and are living off of mostly pro gold, and plant nommies.

During their water change:





To give you an idea of scale, here's a full tank shot. The fry are front and center. ;)


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I can't believe they're so old already! :o I have three big guys, and a few swimming in the plant net.

I put prazi in the tank this morning, and their little dorsals are just starting to show. I love them. :heart

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:nana I love them!! I am so jealous! It's so much fun to raise fry!

How many do you have? :idont

I have three. :) They're eating the junk off of the plants, and crushed up Pro-Gold. They look quite happy. :)

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