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Fry pics! :)


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I was doing back to back w/c's, when I saw something swimming in the water. I scooped him up in a cup, and he's by himself now. I don't know how long he's been there, but he's a nice size, and looks like a dorsal-less fish, from side view.

There were so many others, but they must have been flushed out, without me knowing. :(




I hope that those left in the tank do okay.

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I'm going to take a guess. Is pumpkin the mom, and Cal the dad?

I don't know, but I can say that Cleo is the only lady in the tank, so for sure, she's the mom. ;)

pumpkins the Daddy. Cute lil' lionhead baby. :rofl

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Congrats Yaf. It only proves what wonderful fishy mom you are. I'm thinking about a 5th fish for my tank. Maybe yours if it grows up?

If he makes it; he's yours. :)

Yay, lone fry! Keep us updated!

I will, thank you!

Congrats Tammy!!!!! Get that pond started up quick. :rofl3

Lol! No more fish!

that is awesome!!!


Get more if you can :P.

No more fish! :rofl

Awww, be sure to post more pics as he/she grows!

I hope he makes it, but I'll definitely post pictures. I was so shocked to see him in there! :o You should have heard me yell!

Awwww. Breeder's medal for you! :D

:Congrats: on the fry, and I'm sorry the others didn't make it. :(

I'm pretty excited about getting a breeder's medal, actually. :):hug

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so tiny! :heart

what are you feeding?

Lol! He's sort of an unplanned addition. I'm feeding him lots of algae, since I have tons of it on my water lettuce roots, and sprinkling a tiny bit of SG, but he doesn't seem so interested in that, or in the pro-gold. I definitely see him eating--I just wish I knew how old he was, so I'd know when to put prazi in the tank.

They just spawned again this morning, by the way. :o :O :o

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Guess who found another fry blowing around the tank? I fished him out, and plopped him in with his brother. As soon as he hit calm waters, he started clinging to a wall. I have no idea how old either of them are (lol), but there's a huge size difference between them.

First, a side view of my big guy:


and a top view of the two of them. Look directly beneath the text. :)


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Congrats!!! I wish my guys would spawn again. But I gotta be happy they spawed at all huh lol

The little one could be as much as a week younger.

I just saw the first one blowing around the tank a couple days ago. I felt bad, and now he's in one of those hang on Lee's boxes. I was feeding the crew, when I saw the little guy, just now, and so I added him to the box. :) I'm gonna need more boxes. Lol!

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