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fry update + even more eggs


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The first round of fry there are 12 left I only lost two after they hit 4 days old. As of yesterday they're one week old. The second round hatched Tuesday and I fed them for the first time just now. There are five of them. The third round I collected out of the tank yesterday evening and there are 12 more eggs with newly developed eyes in them.

Round one:


This is the biggest of the bunch


This is the smallest

Round two:




Round three:


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In the round two photos, the water isn't green its actually light blue from the meth blue but the way the light reflected it looks green. Also one from the first round of fry doesn't swim right. It swims kind of upside down and has a hard time staying right side up, any idea why this is? It seems to be doing ok it gets food and can swim to the surface. It's just kind of loopy when it swims.

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Good luck! Make sure to post progress shots. It will be cool to see how they grow! :)

I Plan on it ;) its so neat watching them grow

Cool pictures, I hope all goes well with your fry! I wish you luck! :)

Thank you!

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