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Very basic aquarium filters

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Hello, I have just finished making a couple of very basic filters for my goldfish aquarium.


Feedback would be awesome.

The bottle filter was made by chopping up a 1-litre water bottle, and putting lightly folded foam sheets into it. I then sealed it using putty and epoxy glue, and wrapped tape around it, just to be sure. I have provided a hole, so that I can stick a air pump for additional oxygenation, but I've not attached it atm. The bottle filter has a high power pump (it can push water to a height of 1 foot, when held just under water.

The tray filter was made by chopping off the bottom edge of the tray, and arranging it at an angle, so that the water would cascade down to the next tray. I'm hoping it does the bio filtration, as the foam sheets would act as a nice home for the bacteria. The pump is not as powerful as the bottle pump.

Can it be improved? Hell yes!

I'm thinking of adding a sump (a sump was my original goal, however, the pumps which I had a large difference in power, so, till the time I can get similarly powered pumps, a sump is out of the question.

I'll post pics as soon as I can get my hands on a camera.

Also, the Bottle filter is powerful enough to toss the water a fair distance (it just misses the bottom part of the tray filter). This stream of water creates a nice churning at the side of my tank, further aerating the water.

The only downside of it is that its noisy. I do have a aquarium hood, so the noise is quietened a bit, but its irritating when the hood is opened (for feeding and such). The goldfish dont mind, and one of them took a tumble in the output of the bottle filter when I turned it on the first time (it thought that the air bubbles were food). But they are safe atm.


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Your filters look interesting,especially the two-pan design! I'd be curious to see how they perform.

You can make a really inexpensive sponge filter. with your water pump a sponge, and a plastic tube. Those sponge filters have really high biological capacity for their size, and many goldfish keepers use them in their tanks.

Have fun!

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Very interesting design indeed.

I would love to see this in action! :)

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thank you!!

I kinda forgot I had posted here, I was browsing through older bookmarks, and koko's caought my eye.

I'll post pics ASAP.

Also, I've decided to put the bottle filter on standby. Its quite powerful, and cleaning it will be a hassle, and the water looks clean enough with just the dual tray filters!

I'd say the water is nearly 3-4 times as clean as before. I truly neglected my fishtank for the last couple of months. I'm a bad fishkeeper.

I also made a gravel siphon using tubing, and a bottle, coz I couldnt find it anywhere! I asked the shopkeeper for a gravel siphon, he looked blankly at me and said, "what...?". He still didnt get it why I'd want one for my fish, when I showed him the siphon in action.

Now, all I need is a way for my goldies to get some sunshine, and they will be happy in no time!

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