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My tank update!

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Hello all!

For those that may read this and have never seen me here before, here is an overview of my tank situation.

I just wanted to make a post to update anyone at all interested.

So today I got back from the long weekend away from home and did an 80% water change. I checked the param's shortly after, and found my ammonia and nitrite to be both at 0! I was excited to see that my cycle has finally been established and I can breathe a bit easier when thinking about my fishes' health. The nitrate was at 5 ppm... I can't remember the max level of nitrate that's safe exactly, but I plan to change their water regularly.

I even started a tank journal to record when I do water changes, tests and adding anything else to the tank, cleaning filters, etc... Speaking of cleaning filters, when is a good time after the cycle has established to begin cleaning them?

I wonder if adding the second filter (the Eheim) sped up the cycle's establishment? I only cleaned the floss in the filter and some of the tubing before running it in my tank, so there was probably a little bit of the old tank water in it from before I got it. Could this have kept the media live? I'm hoping the bacteria are growing in both of the filters and not just the canister one.

Any advice is appreciated. :)

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