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Recurring Parasites

Guest Schmitter1

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Guest Schmitter1

Hello. I have 1 comet goldfish in a 30 gallon tank, and I do about a 30% water change approximately once every 1.5-2 weeks. I am not sure on the levels of PH Nitrites, etc...

About 5 months ago I bought a snail from nnnnnn, and a week or two later my comet got sick. He sat at the bottom of the tank, would barely eat, and had a red streak on his lip. I eventually used a medicine called "Parasite Clear" from tank buddies, which is supposed to cure gill mites, body flukes, anchor worm, ragged tailfin, fice lice, and gill flukes (maybe he has anchor worm?). The medicine worked great, and I even used two treatments, but a couple weeks later he was infected again. Even after I removed the snail he gets parasite again every few weeks and I have to keep putting in the Parasite Clear for it to go away. (I follow the instructions and remove the carbon from my filter).

Does anyone have any suggestions of how to permanently get rid of the parasite? Maybe a better medicie I can buy off of the internet? It is getting expensive to buy the medicine every couple of weeks and it can't be healthy for my fish. Also, his symptoms are getting worse and I am a bit worried. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

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Guest tooterfish


sorry to hear about your goldfish.

parasites are tricky little things. they reproduce very fast.

when you were treating for them, you only killed the adults.

they have different stages to their life.

you noticed them coming back, because the eggs didnt die and were able to grow into adults.

someone gave really good advice on how to get rid of them, but i couldnt find the exact post.

i'll try to remeber as best i can..

hopefully another member will come and correct anything i might have forgotten or misremembered.

Treat them again (call this day 1), and do a thorough vacuuming to suck up any eggs that may be in the rocks, slowly getting around/under everything.

on day 3 treat again, again vacuuming with great care.

on day 6 treat again, vacuum everything.

there may also be another day, day 8

they only way to get rid of them for good, is too make sure you kill/get rid of all the eggs, larvae and adults.

depending on how badly they have attacked your fish, you will want to watch him for any secondary infection he might get from bateria.

i hope this was some help,


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  • Regular Member

Wait wait wait!!!!!

. He sat at the bottom of the tank, would barely eat, and had a red streak on his lip.

Why are you thinking this is a parasite??? IT doesn't neccessarily sound that way to me. I think there's something else going on here. Do you have a picture?

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Guest susong


I think I know the post tooterfish was talking about, here are two separate ones below...I've saved them b/c they are useful.


Treatment as I do it, and as recommended by JoAnn Burke -

1. day - salt dip your sick fish with a salt bath of 1/2 cup rock/aquarium/solar salt (not epsom

salt) per gallon of water, to knock off quite a few parasites. Not longer than 5 min, take the fish

out as soon as he keeps floating on the surface without diving down again.

Then put him in a hospital tank, and add 1 drop of QuickCure per gl of water. Have some tank

water in a bucket, just in case your fish shows any negative effects from the QuickCure (which

mine never had). Then, after 15 min of observing your fish, shut the tank light off or cover your

tank with a towel if sunlight touches the tank.

2. day - do a 30% water change and turn your tank light on again.

3. day - add 1 drop of QuickCure/gl of water to your hospital tank, an follow the same procedures

as on day 1.

4. day - do a 30 % water change

5. and final day - add 1 drop of QuickCure/gl of water, follow the same procedures as on day

6. One more water change!

To deal with ich you'll want to get a heater and raise the temp

to around 80*f. Make sure to have adaquate aeration in the

tank when doing this. Higher temps equal lower oxygen levels

in the water. Then you'll want to turn off the light on the tank

and cover the whole tank with a towel or blanket. On every

3rd day you'll want to gravel vacuum the bottom of the tank

to remove any dormant ich particles in the gravel. Along with all

of this you will need to either:

1) medicate with a product containing malachite green

such as Rid Ich+ found at your local fish store

(mmm, vvvv etc.) Make sure to remove any carbon in your

tank, it'll absorb the meds rendering it uneffective


The only thing I am not sure of with the first post is if the fish should be salt dipped every second day?? :blink:

Seems kinda harsh to me, so I would probably only do it if the fishy was active and had visible parasites on him to 'knock off'.

Hope this helps, and good luck! :hi

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Guest tooterfish

thank you for adding the entire post susong,

errrika, you are correct i did miss that important information,

i'll be more careful with giving treatment in the future,

schmitter, i hope i havent confused you too much,

there if a wealth of knowledge here on Koko's, it is wonderful here.

lets start back at the beginning:

you have a 30gal tank = 1comet fish

you change water every 1-2 weeks

water param levels unknown

new addition was a snail

symptopms were "He sat at the bottom of the tank, would barely eat, and had a red streak on his lip"

you treated with : Parasite Clear which would clear symptoms, but they returned 2 weeks later.

snail has been removed from tank - symptoms still reappear, but worsening.

i am sorry for the confusion that i may have caused.

i'll let a more experienced member reply. -Tooter

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