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Bowls are Foes for Bettas, too


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They can live in a bowl. With a lot of water changes. I do every other day when I have one in a bowl even with it is planted. There are also heaters you can get for a bowl. Although if you keep your house warm enough in winter you wont need one. I have also used bubble stones in them but found most Betta's don't like that.

So yes I have to respectfully disagree.

Right now I have no Betta'a and my last two were in tanks not bowls. They did not live any longer then my others I kept in bowls.

I completely agree that they can live in a bowl with a lot of diligence from the owner as could any fish, but a bowl is definitely no ideal environment for them, at least in my opinion. I completely respect your opinion and experience with this, so thanks for sharing :)

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Wild bettas came from thailand and lived in very small mud puddles , they are very territorial fish and guard the small space they have , they were kept in small clay pots for hundreds of years in thailand, bettas dont need a huge space and yes they dp prefer to be in a small space that they can guard as their territory but not to small 5-10 litres would be what they were in , in the wild

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Here's a video of people catching wild betas in Thailand. You can see in the video that they're definitely not puddles. historically keeping them in clay pots doesn't justify that it's ok to do so.

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