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Java fern daughter plants


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Here is a picture of some of the daughter plants from my mother Java Fern plants. :) I have attached these with cotton thread to the rock my Bolbitus is growing on. I had to wait until I thought they were big enough to survive the sharks. :rofl

I have more growing up in my 2 1/2 gallon in a window with harvested fish poo for fert. That is how I grew out the batch pictured below. :)


Thank you for looking. :)

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Looks like a narrow leaf java fern. And a much much happier one than mine. :blink:

:rofl Nice job. Both mama and baby plant look great! :nana

Thanks! I will remember that. Narrow leaf Java. :)

It has been fun. You become very protective of the little ones.

Each time the sharks check them out I'm going "no, no, shoo, shoo!

So far we are doing ok. I think having the duckweed really helps curb their plant appetite, this week anyway. :rofl

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Very cool, I love java ferns. :)

It's definitely not a narrow leaf java fern though. It just looks like a regular, albeit juvenile, java fern. Narrow leaf java fern looks like this:


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