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Guest Rowley

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Guest Rowley

My gourami just died of popeye ( :cry1 ) and I am just wondering what exactly is the cause of it so I can prevent it next time. Any info would be much appreciated. Thanks.

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Guest tooterfish


sorry to hear about your fish.

popeye, can be caused by different factors,

many things have the same symptoms, yet have different causes, which is why diagnosis is very hard.

pop-eye is the term we use for the eye that is protruding from the socket.

popeye can be "treated" with antibiotics - so it could be caused by an infection,

popeye can be a first sign that your fish may get dropsy,

popeye can be caused by Tuberculosis,

popeye can be caused by a virus,

popeye can be caused by imflamation (swelling) of the tissue behind the eye,

popeye can be cause by Vit A and Vit E deficiencies.

i'm sure if i kept searching, i'd find other different reasons why a fish's eye could pop up.

ok, so then what to do?

well, the easiest is the last one about the Vitamins. Make sure your fish has a variety in his diet - Fresh green dark leafy vegetables offered daily. Frest pellets, flakes, processed foods - they can expire in 3 months and lose their Vits, buy smaller containers so they are used faster.

another easy thing it to make sure there are no sharp surfaces in your tank - Bumping, scratching on surfaces can cause trauma, swelling, and can allow bacteria to set in.

Quarrantine your new fish, and fish that show symptoms you do not understand.

Viruses, well just like in us (a cold is a virus) we can treat the symptoms, but it has to run its course. New fish can have been exposed a virus or bacteria, keeping them apart will help it from spreading to your entire tank.

We treat the symptoms, but might never be sure of the cause.

We do our best to learn, modify and try again.


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