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What type of pease do I get?


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I looked at the frozen peas and it said 200mg sodium. I was like WHAT! So I don't know what I'm going to get now :(. Ill have to look for organic or something.

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"In the case of frozen green peas, it's not uncommon to find 300 milligrams of sodium in one cup of frozen green peas—approximately the same amount as found in reduced sodium canned peas. This relatively high sodium level in frozen peas results from green pea processing methods, not from the natural sodium content of the peas."

Please keep in mind that the sodium level that you're seeing is for a large helping of peas. Our little friends aren't going to be sifting through a whole pile of peas; they'll only be eating a few each. Frozen is going to be much better than canned, and it's just fine to feed it to them.

In my opinion, peas is one of those foods that you don't want to feed them all the time anyway.

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