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Deformed Snail Antenna

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We ordered some snails a short time ago. They arrived, more than asked for and very small. Goldfish ate one and I placed the rest in a tank to grow. There were complaints about my tank and I moved 2 to a container outside as a trial.

It was too cold outside and they were obviously doing poorly. I brought them both in and it became apparent that one was alive and one dead. I placed the alive one in the new container with the rest of the snails... but...

it doesn't seem to have antenni

It moves (although much less than the others) and seems to eat but while the others wave long antenna/antenni around, this one doesn't seem to have any.

Anyone have any experience with odd snails?

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I know the bettas and goldfish have eaten antennae off of mystery snails before and they still lived. I don't know whether the antennae grows back or not.

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