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Stop breeding?


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I have my black moor female goldie Voodoo in with my broadtail Astral, and fantail Saffron - along with Opus my small ranchu.

Astral and Saffron are males and have been chasing Voodoo around like anything. Yesterday I put her into a separate tank (set it up with media and some water from the other tank etc.), as I was worried the two boys were chasing her to exhaustion.

Now I'm worried about her being lonely ... gah! can't win.

What my fiance and I might do today is setup one of our larger spare tanks to put her in with Opus as I don't think Opus is male (bit young to tell yet tho).

Anything you guys and gals suggest for my situation?

Thanks in advance!

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Opus is male... we've found breeding stars on him to.

Now poor Voodoo is alone.

Do fish always breed??, I know it depends on water temp etc... but what I mean is will it be forever going on with the 3 boys and one girl. Or could we separate Voodoo and one of the boys and encourage them to breed... after they have done their business then could we put Voodoo back in with the boys and all be ok??

Help =(

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she won't be lonely on her own.. what concerns me more is this. if she is ready for spawning, she may not be able to release the eggs on her own. this behaviour is typical and might appear brutal to us, however, it's their way of life as complicated as it might seem.

i would keep the female with the males to encourage a healthy spawn.

last thing you want are eggs to be trapped in her which can cause rotting & bacteria.

you could put her in one tank with a male as you suggested. she could spawn frequently over the next few days to a few weeks.

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Sometimes the fish get a bit scuffy and lose some scales from banging into things when they breed. I've never had any problems after that and they have healed fine.

They can eat the eggs too. Is that a good or bad thing?

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