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Right now, 2 of my pond fish are gravid with eggs. I have noticed that they have quite a waggle to their swim and their back ends are quite rounded as compared to their normal state. They are my two calico fantails (Twin 1 and spotty twin) and because of their colouring I don't actually see them a lot, I have a feeling they don't surface for bugs because of the heaviness from the eggs.

Behaviour: I watched them yesterday and saw one going up to monster (the largest male), swimming in front of him and then back up so that her rear end was on his nose. He of course was more interested in rooting for food than what she was doing.

There is a fry trap in the bottom of the pond where the holes are too small for the goldfish to fit in but fry could. It's just an upside down bottle crate with rocks on it that we use as a platform for our fountain pump. It has worked in the past for fry.

Unfortunately due to the nature of ponds, until I drain the pond in the winter, I won't be able to determine if any fry came of this or subsequent situations. It is raining today so it is my hope that eggs are laid and that not all eggs will be eaten. :)

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I too went through that with the baby fish in the begining. Now we spawn them in kitty pools and then return adults to main pond..

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