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Fry Trek: the next generation

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Today, i've done an inventory of the fry population.

Born from 6 parents, i have at least 80 fry alive, from 1/4 inch to 2.5 inch long.

-50% are mono-color

-50% are Shubukins or Sarasa.

-50% long fins, 50% short fins

-Only one has a three-part tail and seems to be "watonai" shaped.

-At this point, i've found only one sick fry (thick slime coat, slow behaviour. He is in Qt tank. That's the second one i find in this condition, the first one is healed).

-One is black and white only, whereas others Shubys have red spots.

-Several are dark orange whereas most of monochroms are still dark or light bronze.

-Minus the "Watonai like", no other mutations, at least at this point

I can't hide it, i will not have enough room...

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:D :D :D

I will keep some of them (the yellow sarasa, the "three part tailed", A big black one that seems to be the yellow sarasa buddy).

I will try to find if neighboors have ponds and if they would like to have some of the finest breed of goldies of all time :D.

It's a pity they can't be teleported as in Star Trek, i could offer strong and free fishes to a lot of koko members :D :D

All i want for them is a real home. Not a bowl, not a wild pond (goldies are a threat for indigenous species): A garden pond, a big tank....

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4 of them have found a new home. One of my neighboors has a pond and was glad to rehome them.

Farewell my boys and girls, have a long life and remember me as i'll remember you...you are fantastic! To raise you was a pleasure as an honor.

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Thanks Ele :)

Last night i've discovered a new fish.

The fact is i have discovered this one in another pond than the one where all my fry comes from.

This 1000 litres ponds is the home of 7 other adult goldies, among them there is a Kollar Carp (you know, the "black comet" sold everywhere for 2 dollars. They are in fact koi/Goldy hybrid).

So, las night i discovered a near 3 inch new face: a full mat black, long fin fish.

I was almost sure there had been no reproduction in this pond, even if i witnessed a lot of breeding behaviour....i was wrong, there is at least 1 strong baby!

For the biggest fries, it's color change time. The biggest one was metallic black 5 days ago. Now, he reveals himself to be white/orange sarasa like.

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