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Help! New Tank Problems

Guest unseenforce

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Guest unseenforce

:huh: Hi!

I Have a new 15G tank that has been set up for about three weeks with a small oranda and a tiny Black Moor that I added on Sunday. The little moor is fine but the oranda is constantly floating on the surface until the current of the filter (Fluval 2 plus) or the moor disturbs him and he swims around a bit. He has also been swimming on to the top of the filter and laying on it! I have been doing water tests every other day and the ammonia levels keep climbing to around 2ppm but I keep getting a nitrite reading of 0 (Is this normal?) I keep changing 25-30% of the water after each test with a gravel vac and adding Cycle once a week.

The tank was running for a week before the oranda went in and he was fine until about a week ago, he has no other symptoms and the floating started before the moor joined him so i know it's not connected to that. Could it just be overfeeding?

He does look slightly bloated.

The oranda tends to hog the food at feeding time, so how do you know how much to put in so that the little moor won't starve?

I know this is a a lot of information for one post, just hope I've done it in the right section!

Peace out fish buddies!

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Guest tooterfish

hi hi

i think you have a couple different things going on here :)

the first : your water, your tank is starting its cycle.

fish = ammonia = nitrites = nitrates = water changes.

the ammonia will go up until it is converted to nitrites, then the nitrites will go up until it is converted to nitrates..

you want to try to keep your ammonia under 1.0

water changes, and feeding less (fish waste is ammonia, less food, less waste) can help this. Then watch for nitrites, but thats further along.

the floating : well, i've read there can be different causes, but a good starting place is

constipation, the blocking of the intestine can push on the air bladder, throwing off their internal balance. sinking or floating.

treatment is recommended of fasting for 2-3 days (your other fish will be ok fasting too) then feeding a pea (vegetable), recommended frozen pea, warmed, husk removed, squished flat (avoids choking?) or cut into smaller pieces.

Peas are to goldfish like prunes are to humans.

Ongoing treatment : feed peas once a week, as part of their feeding schedule.

air in the intestine, fish who eat flakes or food from the top of the water, take in the food, and also swallow air. The increased air in their system, again, affect their swim bladder (is this why they float on the surface? more air in their system?)

Ongoing treatment : soak all food stuffs in a cup of tank water for 2-5 minutes to allow water absorption, food should then sink in the water, eliminating air. Also recommended is to "squeeze the air out" squish food to get any air bubbles that may still be trapped inside.

SBD - swim bladder disease, this i would have to do more research on. There is a true disease that continually affects the goldfishes ability to regulate itself in the water.

Many have treated with peas and soaking to eliminate floating issues.

the feeding : you stated that one fish is a hog, and you were concerned about the amount the other was getting. I can look into this to see how it may have been handled by other members.

i do mine by placing a few flakes for the larger fish, then while she is eating, place a few more in front of the smaller, so i know the smaller has at least something :)

Too much info? sorry i tend to go on and on...


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Guest unseenforce

My Oranda just died!!!!!!!!

I feel so guilty, 'cos I think it was my fault for overfeeding him. Is it OK just to feed 'em once a day, as i don't want the same thing to happen to my little Moor?

Why am i getting no nitrites after 3 weeks?

Thanks tooterfish.

RIP Yauch

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Guest tooterfish

I'm new too, so only use me as a reference, not as definate diagnosing info. That being said...

you may be keeping your tank Too clean. (heh is that possible?)

you want there to be some ammonia in the tank, but under 1.0

changing and vacuuming to get it down too low, will stop the cycle from happening.

temperature can also play a part, i have a feeling mine will take longer, because my tank is at room temp (no heater) and it is about 64-66*F

Heating the tank to ~72*F (higher?) (gradually.. a degree or so every couple hours until 72 is reached) may have an affect on how fast it cycles.

I am sorry about the loss of your fish. Learn, Modify and Try again.

You do not know the conditions of your fish before your got him or how he was treated. You said he had been having problems with the floating all along, he may have been a sick fish.

If you think you were overfeeding.. modify what you are doing, and try not to let it happen again. Learn the correct way to feed, what to feed etc.

my suggestion then, feed lightly, dont vacuum every water change, test levels, change water accordingly to keep them in acceptable range,

i hope another member will come through and post too, i'm still learning. -Tooter

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